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The VR411 platform is designed largely by its members. It's our guarantee that the platform will always consider the needs of its members first.

This page explains how our process works.

#1: The Dev List
Lots of Choices

Behind the scenes at VR411 we maintain a list of development projects, called the DevList. Some projects are big, some are small. Some complex, some easy.

Twice a year, in June and December, the DevList is compiled and circulated to members in good standing.

#2: Take the Survey

Your Vote is Your Voice

After the DevList is circulated to all members in good standing, members take a survey.

Among other things, members are asked to prioritize the list of projects included in the DevList.

#3: Data Crunch
Results are Compiled

When all members in good standing have completed the survey, the DevList voting is complete.

The tech team compiles the results of the survey, including a prioritization spectrum of all projects.

#4: Results

Let's Get to Work!

After the data is compiled, the confidential results of the survey are circulated within our member community for everyone to review.

Your tech team begins working on the DevList and the process begins again.


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