VR411 The First Member-Directed Vacation Rental Platform

Why should you spend your time and dollars helping a rental platform succeed? The short answer is, you shouldn't.

Unless it's a platform you control.

VR411: The first vacation rental platform controlled by its members.

Learn How It Works

Let us tell you why you should list your property with VR411

#1: Your Clients. Zero Fees.
Open Communications. Zero Fees.

Your clients are just that: YOURS.

At VR411 you'll always receive the full contact info for your renters.

And we charge no fees. No booking fees, no listing fees, no payment fees. Period.

#2: You're the CTO

And the Tech Team is awaiting your instructions.

We have over 60 years of combined technology experience. As a member, you can harness that power to help build your rental business.

#3: Build a Business
Our goal at VR411 is to make ourselves obsolete.

Create your own website with our simple, custom-made website builder. Easily include bookings, calendar and payment tools. Then build your own business with new and recurring clients.

And finally say goodbye to vacation rental platforms.

(Launching Q2 2018!)

#4: Price

Nickels and dimes add up: membership fees, listing fees, credit card fees, booking fees.

At VR 411 we have 3 simple pricing levels. And we NEVER charge fees!

#5: We're Real Humans

Here at VR 411, we're actual humans. We answer the phone. We answer emails. And we listen.

Want a cool new feature implemented? Just say the word. Think we should change the way something works? We're listening.

VR411 is built for YOU first. And we have our nose ears to the grindstone.

#6: Powerful API

Harness the VR411 API to power your custom website. The API lets you:

  • Build your custom rental website using the VR 411 custom CMS
  • Easily add, edit, delete calendar dates
  • Take payments on your custom website
  • As always, NO FEES!
There are 3 types of listings available: Premium, Deluxe and Standard.
Throughout the website, Premium listings are displayed first. After all the Premium listings have been displayed, the Deluxe will appear next, followed by Standard.
Your home's position within its group is determined first by any Placement Bids, followed by the last login date of the owner.
Be sure to use the Placement Bid Tool to lift your home to the top of its group!
Premium Listing - $150 Per Year

Premium listings are always at the top! Above Deluxe and Standard Listings.   

- 17 High Resolution Photos
- Slide Show with 700 x 525 Photos
- Larger Photo in the States, Areas and Cities
- Upload Your Own Video Tour
- Email Auto Responder
- Sharper Eye Catching Layout
- Link to Your Private Web Site
- Install Web Links in Text with New HTML Editor
- Advanced Calendar Informs Renter of Booked Dates OR Use Your Calendar
- Twice the Property Text
- Description Amenities
- Virtual Tour Links
- Review Past Rental Inquiries
- Secure Renters Login Page for Check-In Information, Door Codes Etc.
- Email Contact Rental Contacts
- Preferred Listing Placement
Deluxe Listing - $75 Per Year.

That's 1/2 the Cost of our Premium!

- Upload of 9 High Resolution Photos
- Slide Show with 700 x 525 Photos
- Photo in the States, Areas and Cities
- Sharper Eye Catching Layout
- Ability to Review Past Rental Inquiries
- Separate Email Contacts

Standard Listing - Only $25!
- Upload of 4 High Resolution Photos
- Slide Show with 700 x 525 Photos
- Photo in the States, Areas and Cities
- Ability to Review Past Rental Inquiries
- Separate Email Contacts

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Build your own website and take bookings using our custom-made, simple-to-use website builder
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